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About Jeni

Hello! I'm Jeni, and my heart truly belongs to the vibrant landscapes of Colorado. With over twenty-five years dedicated to the realm of Real Estate, I've grown to understand this market like the back of my hand. For me, Real Estate isn't just a career; it's where my passion comes alive.

The joy I find in Real Estate is deeply rooted in the connections I make and the dreams I help to fulfill. Guiding you, whether you're stepping into your first home, transitioning to a new chapter, or expanding your investment portfolio, is a journey I cherish. My approach is personal and enthusiastic, focusing on creating a smooth, transparent, and joyful experience for you. My expertise shines in negotiation, ensuring that we navigate this competitive market with finesse and confidence.

Beyond the transactions and deals, my passion extends into the realm of education and mentorship. Leading the charge at Kaplan Real Estate School in Colorado, I relish the opportunity to inspire and uplift new brokers, fostering a nurturing environment where knowledge and ambition intertwine. Similarly, my role as a certified mentor and facilitator for Buffini training programs allows me to spread my infectious enthusiasm for growth and excellence in this field.

Life outside of work is just as vibrant, filled with the laughter of my family, the joyous escapades with our three amazing boys, and the playful antics of our adorable puppies. We find bliss in our travels, creating memories in every corner of the globe, and yet, our hearts are firmly rooted in Castle Rock, Colorado, the place we are proud to call home.

Embarking on this Real Estate journey with you is not just a professional commitment; it's a personal pledge to be your enthusiastic and devoted partner every step of the way. Here's to turning your Real Estate dreams into delightful realities!

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