A: EXIT signs are everywhere you go. They must be illuminated by law, and strategically located. The word itself subliminally implies “safe passage”. Everyone is looking for a way out, including sellers, making EXIT a memorable name.

A: NO. If John sponsors Mary and she sponsors Bill, John has no connection with Bill as he didn’t sponsor him. Residual bonuses are paid directly to sponsoring agents by EXIT Realty Corp. International as a thank you in the amount equivalent to 10% of the gross closed commission of each of their recruit’s transactions. If you were sponsored into EXIT, your sponsor does NOT receive any of your commission. You receive your commission via your office; EXIT’s Head Office looks after payments of all sponsoring bonuses, tracked through our centralized MEMO system.

A: A residual is a perpetual, repetitive payment for services rendered once, such as in the music industry.

A: When a culture of giving back grows into community involvement, you get the Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program. This giving fund makes it even easier for our many philanthropic agents and offices to raise money for their favorite local, approved, and registered charities, and have their efforts matched by our corporate office. With the help of each valued client that chooses EXIT Realty, and a small portion of every EXIT Realty home transaction, over $5.5 million has been pledged in the EXIT name to organizations across the continent.

A: We all know that real life is about more than your career, and real estate is about more than just a sale, that’s why we treat our agents like real people. Good health is the basis for a great life. Focus on Good Health is an initiative designed to enrich the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of anyone looking for a better quality of life. It’s the foundation of our Focus on Good Health Blog, and the undercurrent of Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris’ Prompter affirmation app, as well as our MIND-SET Training System. Achieve your wellness lifestyle, and better business by bettering yourself!