The Exit Formula

Our Differentiator

At EXIT Realty we pride ourselves on doing things differently. With our Formula of single-level residuals, not only do you unlock the potential for unlimited income, but you gain access to a secure future with retirement, lifestyle, and beneficiary benefits.

The exit formula

EXIT Realty has revolutionized the real estate industry with a three-dimensional concept of taking listings, making sales, and sponsoring. We provide this unique opportunity for our associates, so they can potentially earn more than 100%, filling in the gaps between closings. This is passive, residual income that enhances your life, your dreams, your retirement, and your legacy.

What is sponsoring

Sponsoring is when you introduce another sales rep - let's call them John - to EXIT and they join. For every sale John closes, EXIT Realty Corp. International pays you a bonus equivalent to 10% of John's gross commission, up to $10 000 per year, for as long as you both stay with EXIT. When you sponsor you also have peace of mind because should you retire or temporarily step away from real estate, your 10% sponsoring bonuses convert to 7% lifestyle residuals. Should something happen to you, your beneficiary earns 5% legacy residuals.

Is Exit Realty multi-level marketing?

No, the EXIT Formula of residuals is a single-level system. If you sponsor John, and John sponsors Asha, then you have nothing to do with Asha because you didn't sponsor her. Read A Formula Like No Other for more about commission splits, lifestyle and beneficiary benefits.

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