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Owning an EXIT Realty brokerage signifies a commitment to leadership in real estate. You can create a business from the ground up that reflects your values and managerial style. You'll no longer be just a member of your community, but a pillar within it.

At EXIT Realty, our unique business model of single-level residuals is the foundation for our success, but it is only the starting block on the track we've created for our franchise entrepreneurs to run. We offer complete and proven systems and tools, effective training and coaching, competitive fees, and an effective, scalable, people-first tech approach, all wrapped in a company culture of mentorship led by an experienced leadership team.

A good business decision for you, the franchise owner:

  • A track to run on with a proven business model
  • Compelling, unique recruiting and retention Formula to help weld agents to your office
  • Support and direction for growing your business
  • Approachable and experienced leadership
  • Meaningful work positively impacting the lives of others
  • An opportunity to grow professionally with a dynamic challenge
  • Freedom and autonomy
  • Prestige and pride of ownership
  • The opportunity to root yourself in the community as a business owner
  • Better business salability due to residuals
  • The best return on your invested time in the real estate industry

With EXIT Realty, your agents will enjoy:

  • A passive income stream – work less, take time off, pay for extras
  • The opportunity to build a financial legacy
  • Effective training and mentoring to help increase production
  • Stackable, integrated technology to market property, help organize their business and generate free leads
  • An empathy-oriented environment

The impact you can have on your own business and in the lives of your agents can be a remarkable experience. If you've got entrepreneurial drive and you're looking for something more, growing a real estate brokerage can be a worthy, lucrative, and rewarding pursuit.

This is not intended and shall not be deemed to constitute any offer to sell a franchise. Franchise offering shall only be made by a franchise disclosure document. Please disregard if your company is currently under a franchise agreement.

Today's real estate market is equally primed for those real estate broker/owners who want their company to be acquired by another and for those wishing to acquire an existing company. Explore the reasons for both acquiring and being acquired and best practices to help ensure a successful outcome for everyone involved.

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Regional Ownership

This rare opportunity enables you to shape the future of an entire state or province and create a legacy within the region. Regional ownership with EXIT is the culmination of a career in real estate leadership. For those with the passion and aptitude, you'll be leading other leaders, enriching lives, and working towards creating an empire.

Do you have an eye for talent? In this role, you'll be building your region by identifying top brokers and producers as potential franchisees. Through your leadership and mentoring, you'll be helping these exceptional candidates shine even brighter. Helping others realize their true potential and forging lifelong relationships along the way are some of life's greatest rewards.


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